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Name: Okazaki Chikolin (though she introduces herself as Chi)
Gender: Female
Age: 16/17 (Second year at Yasogami High School)
Birthday: September 29th
Family: Mother (deceased), Father, two older brothers
Appearance: Chi has chocolate brown eyes, and light blonde hair that falls just above her shoulders that's usually worn down while in school. She wears the Yasogami High School uniform normally, albeit with a shorter skirt than most other girls wear. She wears loose socks in the summer/spring time and thigh-high socks in the fall/winter time. Outside of school, Chi can be usually be found wearing a skirt that's poofed out in a cupcake-esque shape with a petticoat worn underneath and a t-shirt matching the print on the skirt and rocking horse shoes.
Arcana: The Sun
Persona: Otohime (Water, weak to Ice)
Ultimate Persona: Ame no Uzume (Water, no weaknesses)
Spell Set:
Aqua - Aquadyne (Water)
Malaqua - Malaquadyne (AoE Water)
Dia - Diarahan (Heal an Ally)
Media - Mediarahan (Heal Full Party)
Re Patra - Amrita (Cures Down & Dizzy/Fear, Confusion, & Rage/all Ailments)
Recarm - Samerecarm (Revives 1 Ally with 50%/full health)

Ame no Uzume only:
Salvation (Restore Full HP and Cure All Ailments; Full Party)
Resolution (Restore Full SP; Full Party)
Divine Grace (Passive; Effects of healing magic increased by 50%)
Water Boost - Amp (Passive; Water damage increased by 25/50%)